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Exhibited at TADTE 2023


Exhibited at Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition

2023 / 09

Taiwan Microwave Circuits Co., Ltd. is set to participate in the Taipei International Aerospace & Defense Industry Exhibition from September 14th to 16th this year.

Our booth will be located in the Defense Industry Equipment and Technology Zone, Booth Number J0902. During the exhibition, our showcase will primarily encompass two major categories: antenna measurement and microwave module applications.

Under the category of antenna measurement, we will present our latest-generation antenna measurement equipment capable of assessing various antenna types, including both planar and cylindrical antennas. The equipment's measurement capability extends up to 110GHz, accommodating target sizes up to 30X30 square centimeters.

Regarding microwave modules, we will exhibit not only commonly used development boards for amplifiers, phase shifters, and attenuators, but also integrated systems such as up-down converters, active antennas, and transceiver modules. Notably, the spotlight will be on our up-down converter module tailored for wireless audio-video transmission, while the transceiver module will demonstrate a 4T4R high-frequency transmission and reception module.