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  • Near-field antenna measurement box, suitable for large-scale antenna measurement (SATCOM array system).


  • Fast testing speed:Near-field antenna measurement can obtain accurate test results in a shorter time. This fast testing method can save time and costs and promote product development progress.
  • High accuracy:The near-field antenna measurement method has high accuracy and sensitivity, can capture small changes in the antenna, and provide more accurate test results. Therefore, the near-field antenna measurement method is widely used in various high-demand antenna tests.
  • Small space occupation:Compared with far-field antenna testing, near-field antenna measurement only requires a smaller testing space, making it easier to arrange and manage. This also makes high-scale antenna array has more flexible in design and testing.
Machine Parameters
Size (W x L x H) 1.1 x 1.2 x 1.1 (m^3)
Weight 200 (kg)
Number of ports RF port:3
Port type RF port:2.92-F
Measurement parameters
Frquency 10-40GHz
DUT size 65 x 65 (𝑐𝑚^3)
DUT weight 8 kg