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mm Wave Up/Down Convertor



  • This product is mainly used for up conversion and down conversion of signals, raising the signal to the millimeter wave RF frequency range (typically between 30 GHz and 300 GHz) or converting it to intermediate frequency ( signals for further processing and transmission
  • The product adopts advanced RF technology and high performance electronic components, consisting of high performance RF and IF sections, and is equipped with efficient signal processing circuits and interfaces to ensure stability and reliability of signal conversion
Product num. RF Freq. range (GHz) IF Freq. range (GHz)
UDC-06-2444 UP convert:24-44
Down convert:24-44
UP convert:1-6
Down convert:1-6
HUDC-06-2032 UP convert:20-32
Down convert:20-32
UP convert:DC-6
Down convert:DC-6